Feb 8, 2015

Sex Wish

1976 USA
Directed by: Victor Milt

 Ken lives a good life in New York with his lovely girlfriend Faye. With plans of marriage Ken's life seems perfect. The idyllic couple's dreams are crushed when a deranged rapist breaks into their apartment, as Ken is at work, and brutally
assaults Faye and kills her. Sinking into a spiral of depression, alcohol and casual sex, Ken tries to forget the horrible fate that befell his girlfriend. Refusing to give up, Ken remembers a matchbook that the rapist left in his apartment. He decides to buy himself a gun and take his revenge on the man that killed his girlfriend. Meanwhile the psychotic rapist continues his path of mayhem and destruction through New York.

Sex Wish is a prime example on the roughie porno films that were made during the 70s with a great cast, suprisingly good production values, and a dark downbeat atmosphere.

Harry Reems, best know for his role in the legendary Deep Throat, does a great job as Ken, in bringing out the sympathy and struggle of his character and fills his role perfectly. But its Zebedy Colt (The Devil Inside Her) that truly steals the show here. Colt's performance in the movie is psychotic and truly haunting, acting like a demented man-child playing doctor with his helpless victims, before he brutally kills them with his sword cane. There is a certain manic quality over his portrayal of the rapist that brings the character to disturbingly realistic levels. There is even an appearance of Robert Kerman, best know for his iconic role in Cannibal Holocaust, as the police investigator in charge of hunting down the killer.

The sex scenes with Reems are nicely shot, erotic and works well in bringing sympathy to his character. The rape scenes with Colt are gritty, violent and disturbing; one scene shows Colt invading the apartment of a young couple, forcing them to have sex at gunpoint before he savagely rapes the woman and castrates her husband.

The atmosphere throughout the film is great, and the tension is kept high at all times and there are some great shots of the gritty NYC streets as Harry Reems searches for his target and the entire movie keeps flowing at a great pace.

Sex Wish is a dark and twisted rape fantasy made memorable by Zebedy Colt's insane performance. Truly a must see for fans of roughies and 70s triple X.

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