Feb 16, 2015

Blood Feast

1963 USA
Directed by: Herschell Gordon Lewis

A small community in California are plagued by a string of grisly murders of young women. The women are found with missing body parts and internal organs. The local law enforcers have no clues in the case and the killer continues to terrorize the small town.

Meanwhile, a new Egyptian food store is taking the town by storm, run by the strangely intense gourmet cook Fuad Ramses. With flaring eyebrows and insane stare he sets out to make a very special Egyptian Feast for a dinner party a young girl is having the following weekend. And as body part after body part goes missing from young girls, Fuad Ramses' ultimate dish is nearing completion.

Blood Feast is Herschell Gordon Lewis's gore soaked classic featuring inept acting, night-day continuity flaws, a hilariously stupid plot and most importantly; tons and tons of gore. Famed for being the first gore film, this was the start of exploitation legend H. G. Lewis string of hilarious and gory films, ranging from The Wizard of Gore to The Gore Gore Girls, earning him the nickname «The Godfather of Gore».

One of the best things in the film is the gloriously inept police team Pete & Frank; Pete is dating the voluptuous Suzette and can't seem to put two and two together to save his life. Frank, played by Scott H. Hall, who can't remember half of his lines in any of the scenes and frequently looks at the cleverly «hidden» notes in his hand, or on his desk. The acting from most of the people in the film ranges from bad to god awful. Mal Arnold playing Fuad Ramses is badly made out to look like an older gentleman, while he flails his eyebrows all over the place and overacts to the best of his ability. Suzette played by Connie Mason (Playmate of the year 1963) is like a wooden board during the film, and delivers her lines with zero feeling.

The hypnotizing drum and organ soundtrack by Lewis himself fits the film perfectly and gives it both a strange and delightful atmosphere, raging from cheesy to almost creepy at times. The grisly special effects in the film range from bad to terrible, with mannequin legs as body parts and women soaked in blood and brain matter. Every decapitation, and dismemberment is shown in vivid detail and it's all fantastic.

 My favorite scene has to be when Fuad rips out a woman's tongue in a hotel room and shakingly holds it up to the camera witch captures every glorious blood drop. As the camera pans down we are treated to a close up of the woman's gaping mouth, oozing with blood and gore. H.G.Lewis made a sequel to his masterpiece in 2002, Blood Feast 2, witch was every bit as brilliant as the original, with even more gore and is well worth checking out.

Blood Feast was one of those legendary films I always read about when I was a kid and was dying to check out, and it will always have a special place as one of my all time favorite movies as it is everything it sets out to be and more. Blood Feast is a true exploitation classic, hilarious, gory, campy and completely brilliant. Truly a must see for anyone interested in Horror and Exploitation films.

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  1. "Hypnotizing" is right. That score was absolutely terrific. Can't believe how ahead of its time this was...influencing police procedurals and subsequent slashers.