Feb 21, 2015

A Climax of Blue Power

1975 USA
Directed by: Lee Frost

Eddie is a loner who works at a dead end job as a security guard, but as soon as his shift his over he has a very special way of getting his kicks. Camouflaging his car to look like a police cruiser, he prowls the streets at nigh watching the prostitutes and waiting for his moment to strike. He lures them into his car posing as a cop an then humiliates and rapes them before he lets them go. As he is on his way home from work one day, Eddie
takes a walk on the beach when he hears a gunshot from the nearest house. He runs over and witness a man desperately trying to kill his wife. A second gunshot rings out and the husband ends up dead. His wife has shot him. As Eddie flees from the scene he tries to figure out what to do, turn her in and risk getting caught or deal with it himself. As the days go, the police haven't gotten wind of the murder yet and Eddie gets more and more obsessed about the woman and starts to fantasies about how he could punish her. And it's only a matter of time before Eddie decides to act out on his dark fantasies.

A Climax of Blue Power is down and dirty triple X roughie from legendary exploitation director Lee Frost who directed The Defilers, Mondo Freudo, and TheBlack Gestapo.
The film is really wellmade, stylish and moves along at a great pace, keeping you on the edge of your seat throughout the movie. Jason Carns gives a nice performance in the role of Eddie, and it's unnerving to see him slowly going more and more depraved as the movie progresses. And Linda, the killer, played by the gorgeous Starlyn Simone, does a good job as the killer turned victim. Note though, that both lead actors had an obvious stand-in doing all the «work» during all of the hardcore sex scenes.

Through Eddie's inner monologue we get a look into his damaged psyche, how he thinks and into his uncontrollable need to be in charge, to dominate and to exact his own brand of perverted justice. Some of the best scenes in the movie are his obsessive dreams about how he might catch and punish the woman, both sexually and with violence. Hazy and yellow tinted, these scenes are both disturbing, erotic and shows us a haunting look inside of Eddie's mind. At their best they could almost have been taken out of an Italian giallo film from the same era.

The soundtrack in the film is excellent, and is used to great effect in creating a tense and disturbing atmosphere. Though I'm not sure how much is original and how much is stolen from other films. I did recognize one of the cues from Lalo Schifrin's amazing score from Dirty Harry during one of the scenes. No wonder I like the score so much.

Stylish and wellmade, disturbing and tense, A Climax of Blue Power plays out like a tight thriller.
One of the very best roughie triple X films of the 70s. Highly recommended!

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