Dec 17, 2014

The 99 Cent Network

News time boys and ghouls!

I got a mail from the nice people over at The Movie & Music network a couple of weeks ago asking if I wanted to help them promote their new site, The 99 Cent Network, launching today, the 17th of December. I looked it over and though it was a cool deal that I wanted to share with you my readers. As an avid movie collector myself, I'm guessing that many of you reading my reviews might be into that as well, so listen up.

The 99 Cent Network site will be a place where you can purchase some of your favorite films, stream them whenever you want and even share them with your friends and fellow movie buffs without any time restrictions. Pretty cool deal right there, you can start building your very own digital movie collection if you'd like. They will start by adding horror, sci-fi, western and holiday films, and add more from their huge library following the launch.
Everything from mind boggling Something Weird Video titles, sleazy pinky films from Japan, to misbehaving nuns and a whole lot of other wonderful films. You'll get 3 films from the price of $0.99 and 10 movies for $1.99, so check it out when it launches at

As an added bonus from the great folks at the Movie & Music Network, we will be giving away one purchase of 3 movies of your choice on the 99 Cent Network to 2 lucky tweeters when it launches! All you have to do is re-tweet and share the promo post that we will be tweeting today, the 17th of December and we will pick two lucky winners on the following day!

So keep your eyes peeled at my twitter account: @filmkongen666 and The Movie & Music Network: @moviemusicnet and of course 99 Cent Network: @99centnet

It all happens at 1pm PST today!

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