Nov 15, 2014

The Taming of Rebecca

1982 USA
Directed by: Phil Prince

Rebecca, a young girl, finds herself trapped in an abusive relationship with her father. After getting raped, verbally abused and beaten up by him on fathers day, she finally snaps and runs away from home. She manages to get help and is enrolled in a boarding school for wayward teenagers run by the dean of discipline; Mr. Minindao. It quickly becomes apparent that everything is not as it should be at the boarding school. The other wayward teens seems almost too submissive to the dean, and when left a lone they play out strange orgys with each other. As the dean gets wind of what they are doing he decides to teach them a lesson in discipline, and Rebecca and the others find themselves spiraling into a nightmare of abuse, depravity and horror at the hands of the dean.

From the very opening sequence this feels more like a horror film than a porno feature as we are introduced to Rebecca and her abusive dad and the haunting score lifted from John Carpenters Halloween. The scene between Rebecca, played by Sharon Mitchell and her Dad, played David Christopher, is truly disturbing and sets the tone for the duration of the film. Christopher delivers some horrifying verbal abuse as Mitchell is forced to have sex with him in a variety of degrading ways.

George Payne delivers a truly horrifying and memorable role as the «Dean of Discipline», his manic and intense acting gives the character disturbing credibility. Most of the scenes where the dean is humiliating his students are downright difficult to watch due to Payne's acting and the overall gritty look and feel of the film.

One of the most disturbing moments of the film features a young looking Velvet Summers getting her nipple pierced with a safety pin the sadistic dean as she pees herself in his office. A truly harrowing scene that looks a bit to real for comfort and has a fair amount of blood. One can only wonder the purpose of adding this scene into an adult feature, as all pretense of the erotic is killed off at this moment. Payne's intensity grows near feverish during the final act of the film as he takes Velvet summers down to his personal torture dungeon beneath the boarding school, to beat and rape her as punishment for soiling his office and stealing his safety pin.

Phil Prince, the infamous Avon director really outdid himself with The Taming of Rebecca. One of the most infamous movies churned out by Avon in the early 80s. It's a highly unpleasant movie to watch, yet I felt compelled to keep watching to see what horrors might pop up in the next scene.

Definitely not for the squeamish or the easily offended, but if you are a fan of the rougher side of The Taming of Rebecca a spin. Just be prepared to take a long shower afterwards.
early 80s pornography and S&M, you should definitely give The Taming of Rebecca a spin. Just be prepared to take a long shower afterwards.

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