Nov 25, 2014

The Legend of Boggy Creek

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1972 USA
Directed by: Charles B. Pierce

Welcome to Fouke, Arkansas, a small community of 350 people mainly living of the land. Fishing, hunting and trapping through the desolate, swampy woodland surrounding the peaceful little town. Though as the sun sets, the people tell of strange noises in the night, terrifying screams echoing through the darkness and strange shapes have been seen stalking the woods.

Thus begins the 1972 pseudo documentary The Legend of Boggy Creek, supposedly based on true events. A chilling tale of a community under the terrifying grip of a mysterious hairy creature terrorizing the swamps and creeks at sundown. The film gives us background story of the area, witness accounts that tells of hunters encountering the strange creature deep in the woods, unexplained animal mutilations and huge footprints found around the area. Families tell of a strange figure skulking around their houses after dark and people are being awoken by terrifying screams.

As the community grows more and more scared of the strange thing that stalks the area, they arrange
hunting trips to try to kill or capture the elusive being, to no luck as the dogs will not track the beast. After being wounded by a teenager hunting alone, the creature disappear for a number of years, until the bizarre stories returns, darker and more sinister.  As the creature comes back to the sleepy little town, the events that follow are more violent and scary than ever before.

Narrated by Vern Stierman who acts like one of the former inhabitant of Fouke, we are treated to beautiful nature shots of the swampy woodlands and the chilling accounts of what befalls some of the townspeople at night. The films strong point lies in the gorgeous photography of the area and as the film progresses you get a feeling of being isolated and alone in the deep forest. The feeling is used to great effect as the last half of the film turns darker and offers up some genuinely creepy moments as the elusive creature terrorizes a poor family who lives out in the woods.

The creature itself remains elusive and largely out of focus throughout the film, adding to the tension of not really knowing what's lurking out in the woods. 

I must admit I have a soft spot for 70s Bigfoot films and The Legend of Boggy Creek is one of the better, more atmospheric of the lot. It reminds me a lot of the excellent films The Legend of Bigfoot and Sasquatch: The legend of Bigfoot ,both of which also used the pseudo documentary style to great effect. I quite enjoy the pseudo documentary angle the film uses and besides a couple of songs used in the film, that distracts from the flow of the film, it works rather nicely as a fake documentary about Bigfoot.

Whether you have an interest in Bigfoot movies or not, The Legend of Boggy Creek is well worth you time as a moody and creepy little horror film. Recommended!

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