Aug 24, 2014

Kneel Before Me

1983 USA
Directed by: Phil Prince

It's time to pay another visit to NYC infamous Avon Dynasty, with one more debauched feature from the filth master Phil Prince;

George Payne and Annie Sprinkle have just married, happy and madly in love they rush home from the wedding to enjoy their hot and steaming honeymoon.
Things turn disturbing quickly as George finds himself dreaming about sadistic and debased sex games in the guise of the Marquis de Sade. Annie takes on the role of Justine in his dream and they enact a violent

BDSM fantasy. Punishing his wife through humiliation the scene climaxes to a very unpleasant moment, as George pierces her clit with and earring. Scared and confused by his depraved dreams, George seeks the counsel of his doctor. The doctor lets him undergo hypnotherapy and finds out that he may be a descendant of the original Marquis de Sade. The next night George's dreams take on an even sinister note as he sinks deeper and deeper into a private hell of forced sexuality, and this time it feels all to real.

Phil Prince's take on Marquis de Sade is a highly atmospheric and perverted experience. As in several of his other films, it feels more like a horror film, than a straight up porn, and once again he «borrows» the soundtracks from Halloween and The Thing to make thinks even more disturbing.

During the final orgy scene, added animal sounds over the joyous squeals makes for a terrifying descent into madness. And the last 20 minutes of the orgy fantasy it feels like time stops up completely and you are trapped in a nightmare of depravity. Golden showers, genital torture and forced sexual abuse is but some of the horrors depicted during the films final moments.

George Payne is fantastic in his portrayal of the Marquis, and his talent for being a dominant psychopath is used to great effect. The always lovely Annie Sprinkle is a wonder to behold as usual, and its great to see her enjoying her scenes, both submissive and dominant. Ron Jeremy also shows up to spice up the final act, as he teaches two blondes the meaning of submission.

Most of the sex scenes are nicely shot and feel genuinely arousing, of all the Avon films I've seen so far, this certainly feels like one of the best produced and most professional. Less disturbing than the Taming of Rebecca and Dr.Bizarro, it still packs a nice punch in depicting a rough BDSM fantasy.

Avon's particular brand of sexual madness is certainly not for everyone, though I'd easily recommend it to fans of the rougher stuff. One thing is for certain; Marquis de Sade would have been proud.

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