Jul 13, 2014

The Toy Box

1971 USA
Directed by: Ron Garcia

Its Uncles birthday!
Every year the mysterious figure known as Uncle, celebrates his birthday by having money hungry swingers perform bizarre sex acts for his pleasure, but this year is going to be different. This year the party is Uncle's wake and everybody wants to know if he's truly dead.

Ralph and Donna, two happening swingers meet up to rehearse a strange, abusive and sordid sex act for the pleasure of uncle. They arrive at Uncles house in the dark and stormy night, and is greeted with a swinging scene full of decadence and perversion. As the night draws on, the party guests amuses themselves with kinky sex acts as they wait their turn to perform for Uncle. As the witching hour approaches, things turn even more bizarre, and Ralph and Donna find themselves trapped in the strange house of horrors.

Under the undead gaze of Uncle, the party goers perform their disturbing acts to appease the old pervert; A young woman, played by buxom bombshell Uschi Digard, gets groped by a severed hand in a box, before making passionate love to the possessed sheets in her bed.
A sexy drive-in experience turns into a nightmare as a man violently decapitates a girl as she is giving him a blowjob. A depraved butcher using necrophilia to tenderize the meat of young girls, before the corpses comes to life and hacks him to death with a meat cleaver. A passionate picnic in the woods turns macabre as the woman stabs her lover to death with a pitchfork.

Harry Novak`s Boxoffice International churned out some truly great exploitation films in the 60s and 70s like Agony of love, Adult Version of Jekyll and Hide, and Axe, but this is perhaps the best film he produced. Starring exploitation veteran Sean Kenney (The Corpse Grinders) as Ralph, the bizarre plot of the undead
maniac collecting depravity is really something to behold. There are some really outlandish scenes in the film, as the sexual performances turns more and more bizarre and depraved, making you question what's real in the film. It even has a twist ending coming out from nowhere that is truly the icing on the cake. Delivering sex and strange violence in spades, giving you exactly what you want from an exploitation film, it's as if they've gone out of their way to fill each scene with nudity, sex and violence.
The sets are often no more than a dark room filled with thick smoke, and a array of red, green and yellow lighting flooding the scenes, giving the film an eerie and dreamlike quality.

Other scenes looks like they take place outside in a lush forest, throwing logic and reason out the window. The soundtrack supplements the scenes nicely and helps create the strange atmosphere throughout the film.This is a fantastic blend of horror and sexploitation, truly a must for fans of exploitation cinema. I can't recommend this film enough, overflowing with sex, depravity blood, gore and fantastic atmosphere, there is so much awesome going on in this film, a personal favorite!

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