Jul 11, 2014

Rites of Uranus

1975 USA
Directed by: Unknown

«All hail Uranus. Enter my dark passage!»
Thus begins the 1975 skin flick Rites of Uranus, a satanic/cult themed hardcore feature following the exploits of the cult of Uranus. Through dark, drab and candlelit interior shots, an unseen voice directs the decadence of priests and priestesses of Uranus through a horn on a wall. The somewhat unusual plot takes macabre plot twist as one of the newcomers, Sarah, kills the high priest during an orgy scene. The young girl is terrified, though the High Priestess proclaims that he will live on in the «land of Uranus» and proceeds to give the dead man a blowjob. Clearly added for shock value, as every self respecting satanic cult has to have at least the occasional necrophilia in their orgys.
Most of the cult followers refer to themselves as «Uranusites» as they shuffle around in  their robes and having sex with one of the many girls in the cult as they chant «All Hail Uranus». That's something sorely lacking from most new porn films,chanting!

The actress playing Sarah speaks with an incredibly dull tone as she delivers the oddball dialogue in  the film; «I want keys and a hard on» as she is locked up for the murder of the high priest.
Through the course of the film we are treated to some seriously outlandish dialogue;«I've been spaced out on acid, and I sat on your face and thought I killed you», and one of the women orders one of the monks to «Go get a hard on».

Most of the women in the film looks and speaks as if they were high as a kite during the production, though most of the sex scenes are nice enough. The meager plot tries to revolve around Sarah as she is willingly abused by the cult, but most of the film is just random sex scenes with the other Uranusites.

One of the highlights of the films features the hooded monks walking around in broad daylight handing out flyers for their cult with the text: «Lost? Find yourself in Uranus!». Priceless.
And you know you have stumbled on something special when a dildo is referred to as the «Sword of Uranus».

America had a preoccupation of everything occult and satanic during the 70s in the wake of The Exorcist and Anton LaVey's Founding of the church of Satan. This fascination of course spilled over to the porn films of the era, making for some really outlandish and entertaining titles and plots! The Rites of Uranus is a good example of this, extremely trashy, bizarre, silly and very entertaining. Fans of bizarre sex cinema will find 60 minutes of weird satanic sex, in Uranus.

If you are wondering who directed this little piece of filth, neither the dvd nor imdb has any listings for who made this. If you happen to know the director please drop me a line.

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