Jun 26, 2014

Repulsive Cinema is back!

After 6 years of hiatus....6 years.... Thats ridiculous.... Anyway, after 6 years of hiatus Repulsive Cinema lives yet again in it's sleazy undead form of life. I've been watching a TON of movies these last years and learned a thing or two along the way that I might share with you guys (and girls).
There will be a couple of changes also along the way, as I will be expanding the reviews into the realm of 70s and 80s pornography! That's right, Repulsive Cinema is becoming much more Repulsive than ever before.
Also want to thank all the people who have supported my stuff through the years, with comments and feedback!

For more vintage filth, exploitation and other awesomeness check out my twitter account @filmkongen666

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