Jun 26, 2014

Dr Bizarro

1983 USA
Directed by Phil Prince

Of all the devious, filthy things to emerge from New York's 42nd street during the 70s and 80s, few things remain as notorious as the Avon movies directed by Phil Prince.
Directing extremely low budget hardcore films that featured some of the most depraved and disturbing fetish- and bondage taboos in porn, they carved their way in to the niche of pornography commonly referred to as the Roughie.

Dr. Bizarro is a true depraved classic of the bygone era of 42nd street. Starring Phil Prince himself as the titular Dr.Bizarro, specializing on sexual deviancy, takes us on a journey of three stories of abnormal sexual behavior.

The first story and perhaps the most disturbing of the three features actor George Payne as the foul mouth, abusive and incestuous father of a young girl.
The 20 minute story revolves around George Payne verbally humiliates and rapes his dughter and her schoolmate after catching them exploring each other sexualy.

Done all the more disturbing due to Velvet Summers apperance, she looks younger than her 23 years in the film.George payne is also extremely convincing in his role of the father, and his unique form of trash talking the ladies is truly haunting and memorable!

The second story concerns a dominatrix housewife, played by the sexy Sheri Champagne, that enjoys verbally and physicaly abusing her husband. The story features mostly extreme S&M complete with closeups of clothespins on genetalia and other horrifying delights.The tables are turned for Sheri, when a peeping tom enters their apartment to brutally rape and humiliate her and watch her husband get off on it. Charming stuff right there.

The last, and perhaps the tamest of the three, features a sex starved peeping tom, that gets into the apartment of his object of desire, only to be humiliated and treated like an animal before they have sex. The best feature

of this rather tame episode is the bizarre dub that was on the version I saw; voices are to high and somehow every time dialogue enters the sex act it feels more awkward and funny than is usual in porn films.

In total...Holy crap, this is some sick filth right there. It feels like ooze
and grime is running out of my TV as I was watching this. Brimming with genuinely disturbing imagery and nasty sexual taboos, its hard to recommend Dr. Bizarro to anyone but the most jaded of viewers or sleazehounds (you know who you are!)
Far from being arousing, there is never a dull moment in the film, and I was wacthing, almost hypnotized, to see what horrors would come next.

Take it or leave it, but Dr. Bizarro features a grimy look back at the wonderful world 42nd street!
(oh and don't forget to bring a raincoat!)

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