Feb 25, 2007


Yesterday they were COLD & DEAD - TODAY - they're HOT & BOTHERED!

In an old, dark castle on top of a hill overlooking a small village inhabited by Gypsies, lives the infamous count Dracula. Feared by everyone in the village as the evil count transforms himself into a bat and steals away into the night and drinks the blood of unsuspecting victims. But the young and brave Dr. Seward has managed to put an end to the reign of terror from the vampire by driving a stake through his heart, and once again the small village is safe… Or is it? Not long after the slaying of Dracula, a stranger comes to the little town with his assistant and takes up residence in the old castle. The strange old man is none other than Dr. Frankenstein who has chosen the old castle for a very sinister purpose. It seems as though the good doctor has managed to create his inhuman monster and immediately sets it loose on the little town in search for fresh victims. Dr. Frankenstein has a diabolical plan of resurrecting the infamous old count from the dead, and aided by the vampire he sets out to create an army of undead ghouls in order to take over the world. One by one the villager starts to disappear and ends up as frightening vampires in Dr. Frankenstein’s evil army. When Dr. Seward finds out about Frankenstein’s heinous deeds he sets out to spoil his evil plan and yet again save the small village from the forces of evil. But this time his attempt on foiling any plans gets wrecked as he is attacked by the Monstrous creation of Dr. Frankenstein. When Dr. Seward wakes up from the attack, he has been taken in by a local gypsy woman who wants to aid him in the battle against evil. But there isn’t much time, the full moon draws near and Frankenstein’s unholy army of the dead is growing bigger, can Dr. Seward act in time to stop the forces of evil once and for all?

Dracula Prisoner of Frankenstein is not the first foray into this old school monster territory for the Spanish director Jesus Franco, who has made several films about the classic tale of Dracula and Frankenstein. Franco is perhaps best known for his more erotic takes on the horror genre and has made many memorable euro cult films such as Venus in Furs, Succubus and Vampyros Lesbos. The other Franco titles I have seen have been more of the erotic sort and can’t be compared much with the more classic tale of monsters he has cooked up here in Dracula Prisoner of Frankenstein. The film has a wonderful dreamy atmosphere over it and combined with a beautiful score fro Bruno Nicolai (Actually the same score Nicolai made for Franco’s earlier film Justine) the film is and almost magical and absurd journey. There is almost no dialogue in the film, something that helps a lot to maintain the weird dream like atmosphere. The elements in the film are very gothic in their nature with rolling hills, a quiet village and the dark brooding castle. The acting is pretty mediocre at best and there is even a little overacting from Franco regular Dennis Price, but in a film like this I wouldn’t have it any other way. Dracula Prisoner of Frankenstein is not one of Franco’s best films but for me it ranks pretty high and I had a great time watching the film. A fun old monster mash filled with some skin, cool and cheesy monsters, and a delightful dreamy atmosphere! What more can one ask for, on a rainy night?

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