Dec 10, 2006


The Most Bizarre Experiment in Human Sexuality!

All over the city young couples are being kidnapped, from lesbian lovers to orgy loving hippies. The police are baffled as they have no clues to whom or what is behind the strange kidnappings, no traces and no fingerprints. But a young reporter have followed the story for quite some time and he has a theory based upon something that happened in Italy 50 years ago; a mad scientist is kidnapping young lovers in order to use their libido to keep himself alive and find a cure to immortality by studying human sexuality. The police shrug off his theory as nonsense and fantasy, but the young reporter sticks to his theory and starts investigating. It seems as though the mad doctor Humpp has surfaced in the city and is using his misshapen experiments as slaves to get him the young lovers that he needs to fulfill his bizarre experiments in sexual behavior. Taking his orders from a brain in a jar, the doctor studies the behavior of the couples as he gives them an aphrodisiac, and then extracts their libido in order to rejuvenate himself and stay alive even longer. Everything goes fine and according to Dr. Humpp’s plan until the young reporter gets a hot clue from a bartender who saw the horrifying creature that kidnapped one of the young strippers from the bar. As the police and the investigative reporter comes closer and closer to discovering Dr. Humpp’s terrifying secret, the doctor goes further and further with his insane experiments and even goes as far as kidnapping the young reporter and tries to create a sexual slave out of him. But the reporter is out to stop the madness of the doctor and his minions and the noose is tightening around the neck of Dr. Humpp, who goes now to new extremes to finish his insane project of bizarre sexuality.

The Curious Dr. Humpp is another fine offering from the Argentinean director Emilio Vieyra (Feast of Flesh) and proved to be both a mind boggling experience as well as an impressive horror/exploitation film from the seventies. Vieyra has managed to create a weird, d
reamlike atmosphere in this film by using sharp black and white photography, strange lighting and some inventive camerawork. The result is a twisted, strange and sexy exploitation film that keeps your eyes fixed on the screen through the entire feature. The actors in the film do an ok job delivering their roles, and this works pretty well in the movie. The soundtrack consists of the usual jazz/rock score that is evident in most of the seventies exploitation films of this calibre, and I don’t think the music could be any more appropriate and lifts the bizarre atmosphere of the film to new heights. The make up effects on the slave creatures of the mad doctor is pretty awful, but in light of the weirdness of the film they are quite effective and provide a good horror element to the experience. Most of the sex scenes in the film are US inserts, but it is hardly noticeable when you see the film, and they add a little more spice to the feature. The Curious Dr. Humpp is a strange film that works perfect as a late night exploitation and horror feature I loved every bizarre second of this Argentinean decent into sexual experiments. Exploitation buffs and lovers of strange cinema take note; this one is a keeper!

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