Nov 21, 2006


Buried alive... He returns from the dead to seek love and revenge!

A group of people are gathered around an open coffin, inside the coffin lies the body of a young man, Montel. What the group of people doesn’t know is that Montel is fully conscious, and tries to speak to the people around him, but it’s only he himself who can hear the voice. Screaming for help, to his wife, his doctor and his friends, but they see him only as a motionless body. As one of the men closes the lid of the coffin, Montel screams to deaf ears, trying to tell them that he has had an epileptic seizure and they’re burying him alive, but to no use. Not long after the party has buried the coffin, said their last words and driven away, Montel manages to crawl his way out of the coffin, and staggers across the graveyard. Meanwhile it would seem that Montel’s wife Sofia isn’t stricken with grief as she caresses and kisses Montel’s doctor, telling him about the money her “dead” husband left her. That same evening, Montel hits the town, apparently feeling much better, and brutally attacks a young woman, beating her unconscious, before he strips off her clothes and starts to fondle her. But before he does anything further with the young girl, something stops him and send him running away. Meanwhile police officers have discovered Montel’s empty grave and have notified both the doctor and Montel’s wife. But Montel is keeping busy, going to nightclubs to peep at the girls in their locker room, and even breaking into a girls apartment to watch her have sex with another woman, but yet he is unable to have sex with the women, even when they welcome his presence. After running around in town for a while, he seeks out his wife’s apartment, and sees her with the doctor and his old friends, celebrating his demise. He is not spotted by the group, and as they leave the building to celebrate he swears a horrible revenge upon them for burying him alive…

Love after Death is a very tedious little Argentinean exploitation film, starting off on a rather good premise, but ends up in a dull incoherent plot. As it is in most of your standard Z grade exploitation offers from the late sixties, there is no sound and the minimal dialogue have been re-dubbed for an American release. The music is the basic horror/raunchy jazz library music, witch sounds like just about every other random library music. The “actors” in this one does by far some of the worst acting I have seen in years, and it’s bad even for an old exploitation flick like this. The actors are smiling or laughing in almost every scene, no matter what the setting is, giving the film an even more dull and stupid tone. The positive thing with the film is that the film that started off as a horror film suddenly changes direction into a sexploitation fare, and there is more than a few overlong scenes with naked women and even a few sex scenes, both straight and lesbian stuff. But even this gets dull after awhile, but then at last but not least, there is the “surprise ending”! A surprise that’s probably going to make you want to pull out your hair in pure frustration and anger. So yep, you guessed right, Love after Death, is 72 minutes of boring, incoherent plot, bad acting, and overlong sex scenes, skip this one, you can find better than this, even if it is just for some cheap laughs one late Saturday afternoon.

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