Nov 30, 2006


A spaced out comedy with the most exciting climaxes...!

During a guided tour at a space observatory, one of the guests spots an Alien vessel headed for earth while looking through a telescope. The spaceship contains the aliens of the Venusian race which are all women, and they have come to earth to find men to harvest their semen in order to make their population survive. The crew of five is led by commander sex sex sex, who does her best to inform the rest of the crew of how the male seed is gathered and how they have tried to do research on the male specimens, figuring out they need seeds to last them 10 000 years. While the spaceship is making its decent to the earth, the crew watches television programs in order to better understand the male specimens of the earth. The crew comes to the conclusion that men are dangerous and they will have to approach their specimens cautiously. They land in a little, snowy village and starts looking for male specimens, but first the girls camouflages themselves in men’s clothes in order to blend in with the population. But the five girls quickly runs into problems when they engage contact with the male population as each of the men they encounter pose a different problem for each of the girls. The men of the village are more than eager to show off their equipment and also give the girls free lessons on how to use it and one after one the girls experience sex for the first time and love it. But the fate of the mission is at stake since none of the girls is able to provide any samples of the male seed. Will the five Venusians be able to finish the mission and return to their home planet?

2069: A Sex Odyssey is a German entry in the sexploitation genre from the mid seventies. In the same vein as other sex films from the same era (Space Thing, Wham Bam Than
k You Spaceman) it takes use of the silly alien Sci-Fi plot along with bad special effects and cheesy costumes. The film is not as explicit as I thought it would be and it is much tamer than many of its American sexploitation counterparts from the same era. The acting in the film was pretty average, much of what to expect when you’re watching a film like this. The music was also pretty average with soft pop elements to more raunchy Euro pop beats; there are also some scenes with the trademark German polka music which is really unbearable. The film isn’t going to win any awards for originality, nor because it’s particularly good. In fact it’s extremely silly and that might be the main reason why I liked it, as I didn’t expect much originality or award winning plots in a film like this. It is silly, stupid, and not very explicit on the sex scenes but it’s a whole lot of campy fun. These films are a thing of the past unfortunately, but if you are into sexploitation films or just looking for some nudie entertainment one night, 2069 isn’t a bad choice!

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