Oct 14, 2006


The sensation that started it all!

Greta, a 34 year old woman is living the life of a teenager with her young boyfriend Karl. She’s going to parties and having fun, but under the surface she is a troubled widow, with financial problems. And now she has gotten the message that her 17 year old niece Inga is coming to live with her after Inga’s mother passed away. Meanwhile, Greta is visited by Einar; a wealthy older gentleman who needs a companion after his wife was committed to an Asylum. He wants Greta as his new companion, and offers her financial support for her “service”, but Greta is fed up with his generation and their stiff upper lip. She wants to continue to see Karl, who doesn’t like her spending time with other men, but she knows that her financial problems will come between them. Greta sets up a date with Karl, and together they drive to the train station to pick up young Inga, who turns out to be a beautiful, bright and shy young girl. Inga is taken to Greta, the place witch will be her new home, and during time in the sauna with her young niece she gets an idea. She asks the young girl what her interests are, and she quietly tells her that she is interested in reading, history and classical music. Greta gets the idea to hook up Inga and Einar, since they both have the same interests. By introducing them to each other, Greta can remain with Karl, keep up her social status and get rid of her financial worries. When Inga spends a week at Einar’s cabin the two immediately hit it off, and Einar falls in love with the beautiful young girl. When they return from their trip, Greta is called over to talk to Einar’s sister, who wants to discuss the arrangement of Inga and her brother. She promises Greta 1000 dollars a month in financial support if Inga stays as Einar’s “constant companion”. This is a deal that Greta is very pleased with, but it seems as though Inga had a great time with Einar, she has her eye set for someone else.

Joseph Sarno, the name should ring a bell for those of you interested in sexploitation cinema, directed the box office smash Inga in 1968. The film was a huge success both in Sweden, where it’s filmed, and internationally. Starring the beautiful Marie Liljedahl in her first, and perhaps most memorable role, as the beautiful young virgin Inga. The film may seem as just another sex film from a decade when they were in bundles, but Inga is much more than that. Using heavy elements of drama, Sarno creates a hauntingly beautiful and deeply erotic look at the “free love” generation of the 60s. Sarno tells a very compelling story with steady direction and the pacing throughout the film is excellent. The scenery in the film is very beautiful, whether its downtown Stockholm or in the luxury middle class houses of the characters. The acting in the film is very good, and both Liljedahl as Inga and Monica Strömmerstedt as her aunt are great in their roles. The soundtrack in the film by Clay Pitts is really just amazing, and features some really catchy rock tunes and some more emotional, slow pieces that just incorporate itself in the film brilliantly. Inga is perhaps not as shocking today as it was for audiences in the 60s, nevertheless it still remains an important part in the history of erotic cinema. If you want to see a really good sex film from the early sixties you need to see Inga, a powerful piece of sexploitation and a significant piece of motion picture history. Highly recommended!!

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