Sep 22, 2006


Welcome to Valley Falls, a peaceful, quiet little town that’s going out of business due to a dam project. But the quiet little town and its 40 inhabitants are about to get a nasty little surprise in the form of a band of eight satanic hippies led by an extremist named Horace. The nightmare starts off as the gang violates a young girl from the town, who manages to escape them, but as the gang’s trucks break down on a road near the town, they see no other alternative than to stay in the little community. The find themselves an old abandoned hotel where they chase after rats, perform satanic rituals and take LSD. But the young girl that was violated by the hippies has a younger brother named Pete, who is getting suspicious about the gang’s ominous appearance in the little town. Pete sneaks around and keeps a close look at the hippies; meanwhile his grandfather learns that it is the gang that is responsible for the rape and beating of his young granddaughter. As the old man goes over to the hippies to get his revenge, Pete follows him. The old man pose no threat to the gang, who beats him up and gives him some LSD before handing him over to Pete who has to carry him all the way home. When he has safely returned his grandfather to the kitchen table where he sits and mumbles, high as a kite, Pete takes matters in to his own hands by borrowing his grandpa’s shotgun and venturing out again to get retribution on the hippie gang. But on his way he encounters a rabid dog that he manages to kill. After he has killed the mad dog he goes back home and borrows a syringe and some medical equipment from his grandpa’s veterinarian lab, and return to the dead dog to take some of the rabies infested blood with him. On the next morning Pete is up helping out at the local bakery store, waiting for the hippies to come for their breakfast. When two of the gang members show up, Pete has some meat pies ready for them. Meat Pies injected with rabies infected blood that is. But are Pete and the little town of Valley Hills prepared for the horror he has unleashed by giving the satanic hippies rabies? The effect is a horrible tripped out carnage that will leave the quiet little town dripping with blood.

I Drink your Blood is one magical, tripped out ride of an exploitation film, filled to the brim with whacky characters, blood & gore and a plot that’s way out there. The acting in the film is surprisingly good for a movie like this, although it seems like most of the actors are actually tripping on LSD throughout the film. There are numerous inventive and crazy camera angles that help the film maintain it’s tripped out atmosphere, and there are moments in the film where that atmosphere plus some creative lighting makes the movie sort of creepy in its own way. The soundtrack by Clay Pitts (who also wrote the soundtrack for Joseph Sarno’s Inga), works very well, and it maintains an energetic drive throughout the film. I Drink your Blood may not be the most inventive film ever made, but it has a certain energy and whacky feeling over it one cannot help but be entertained through the movie. There are also a lot of blood and gore, and the silly gore effects works perfectly in the film, and is really the kind of effects you’d expect from a movie like this. I drink your Blood is a masterpiece within the exploitation genre; you’ll get everything you’ll ever want from a film like this, and even more! It is a very fun and wild ride and you’ll never get bored with all the craziness going on in the film! There is no doubt whatsoever, if you have even the slightest interest in exploitation films you need to see this one!! Remember kids: Satan was an acid head. Watch this film; pledge yourselves. And together, we'll all freak out!!

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