Aug 1, 2006


This Gang Thought It Was Tough... 'til it found a new type of hell...The Bride of Satan!

The Devils Advocates, the
motorcycle gang of beardy, hard hitting, dirty and vicious men and their women, roaming the highways of America, looking for booze, weed and trouble. Following their leader Adam, they stop a driver in his car and beat the hell out of him in front of a gas station before tanking up and going in to the station to get some beers. One of the bikers, Tarot, is a spiritual man who reads peoples destiny through his tarot cards, is reading the fate of one of the girls inside the little gas station. The entire gang laughs at him and claims that he’s superstitious, but Tarot sees something in that cards that disturbs him. But before he can think it over, the gang hits the road yet again. After a while the gang decides to stop and take a rest, and they end up at a strange old monastery. And when the gang is relaxing, drinking some booze and getting high, they are approached by monks, who give them food and wine. While eating and drinking one of the monks in a different robe steps forth and starts to speak, he calls himself One, he speaks for the rest of the monks. While he is talking he takes one strand of hair from one of the girls, Helen, and then continues to talk as the gang one by one falls to sleep. While they are sleeping something is happening inside the monastery, dark, evil and satanic things, as One starts an unholy ritual to summon the bride of Satan. Helen awakens in the darkness outside, and is summoned to the monastery, where she takes part in the ghastly rituals of the monks. Adam wakes up to the sounds of screaming and chanting in the dark, and as he discovers that Helen is gone he quickly wakes up the gang. They rush into the monastery where they find her dancing naked in a circle of flames to the chants of the monks. The gang attacks the monks beating them up, but during the ordeal, each of the members present in the gang gets marked by the monks with a stripe of ash in the face. After the fight, the gang quickly gets on their bikes and travels towards the desert, unaware of the terrible curse that has been put on them by the monks…

Werewolves on Wheels is a fast paced, entertaining and psychedelic bikesploitation flick that mixes in a lot of horror elements. You’ll get really sucked into the plot and immediately feel like you’re a part of the Devils Advocates riding their hogs down the highway. Directed with a stylish touch by Michel Levesque, the film is very well done on almost all accounts and has a certain psychedelic hippie feel over it witch works very well in the film. The music by Don Gere is a perfect blend of country and psychedelic rock, witch adds more to the weird, psyched out 70s feeling of the film. The scenes of bloodshed in the film is done in a very cool and rather trippy way, witch further contributes to the suspense and tension of the film, as the bikers are being picked off one by one, by someone or something. The mixture of bikesploitation and horror works very well here and it has something extra that many other genre films are missing. This film is as good as they get within the exploitation genre, and this is probably the best film I’ve seen in the biksploitation category. So if you are after a really good bikesploitation/horror flick this is probably one of the best within its genre. This baby is a personal favourite and is highly recommended!!

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