Jul 19, 2006


Riding their men as viciously as they ride their motorcycles!

Meet the Man-Eaters, an all vicious, all female motorcycle gang who lives for racing, sex and violence. As a tradition the gang races down an abandoned air strip and the one that finishes first gets to have first pick at a man when they return to their clubhouse. On this particular race, a young girl named Karen wins as she has done many times before and so she gets to have her pick at the men waiting for them. Karen picks her man, but much to the rest of the gangs annoyance, she picks the same man she always picks, and that is against the rules of the Man-Eaters. On the morning after a rough night with the men, the gang meets without Karen to discuss the problem. It is decided that Karen has to prove her loyalty to the group and their leader, The Queen. A devious plan is thrown together and they call Karen, and tell her to meet them next night on the air strip. When Karen arrives on the strip the next night she discovers to her horror that the gang has brought with them the stud that has captured Karen’s heart, and she is faced by an ultimatum: Prove your loyalty to the gang by racing down the strip, dragging the stud after your motorcycle, or if you break the rules of the Man- Eaters, you’ll be dragged along with him. A tough decision for her to make, but after a little while she decides to drag the guy around on the strip. The gang is happy to see Karen prove her loyalty to them and things goes on as usual. But one day when the Man-Eaters return to their air strip they discover that there is another gang there, a gang of guys who’s using the old strip for racing with their cars. The Queen and the Man-Eaters are not happy with intruders on their territory, and attacks the rival gang. Soon after the brawl, Karen is being contacted by an old boyfriend who says he knows all about the Man-Eaters and the big fight with the rival gang of guys and have come to warn her that his brother is a member of the rival gang and a plot against the Man-Eaters are being made…And it’s not long before the rivalry between the two gangs goes too far…

This is perhaps a more unusual entry in the Bikesploitation genre since the gang we are following consist only of women. Directed by none other than the Godfather of gore, Herschell Gordon Lewis, this is a fun, exciting and fast passed bikesploitation film that’s very entertaining to watch. The music in the film is great, not to mention the catchy and easily addictive main theme “Get off the Road” witch is incredible! But I can’t help but feel a little disappointed as most of H.G Lewis’s movies are filled with gore, nudity and pitch black humor. There are a few scenes of violence in the film, but with an exception of one scene, I felt that the movie perhaps needed a little more, to spice things up. And the black humor that is evident in almost every Lewis film is not present here. In short; the movie is a fun and thrill filled ride and a good entry in the Bikesploitation genre, but many of the factors that H.G Lewis is known for is missing from the film. Overall the film is required viewing if you are a fan of Lewis’s other work, or out for a good entertaining Biksploitation flick!

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