May 14, 2006


Move over Godzilla ... Here comes the greatest horror monster alive!

Mark Remington runs a circus in the USA with live animals and other attractions. But he has a problem, a big conglomerate wants to buy his circus and make it a part of a chain of circuses. The conglomerate has already bought his main attraction, witch Mark needs if he wants to keep his customers and his circus. In search of a new attraction he suddenly recalls his wild animal’s supplier, Tonga Jack Addams in Africa, who mentioned something about an overgrown gorilla that dwells in the deep jungles of Africa. In a desperate attempt to find the gorilla Mark immediately takes of to meet his supplier and arrange an expedition into the unexplored deeps of the African jungle. But when he arrives he finds out that Tonga Jack is missing, in fact he’s been missing for six months. So instead he meets Tonga’s daughter April, who runs his animal compound while her father is still out there somewhere in the jungle. But she has a problem, Tonga Jack’s old partner Dan Morgan wants to buy her compound to eliminate the competition, and will do everything in his power to make things a living hell for her. After helping April out with some money related issues, Mark persuades her to join him on the safari to look for the giant gorilla. She quickly decides to join, to help him find the gorilla, and to try to find her father, who set out looking for the very same gorilla and a fabled treasure six months earlier. Well on their way into the jungle they come across some poles with skulls on them. The tribesmen they have hired to help them carry supplies immediately say that they are afraid and will not go further. So the safari is shortened down to Mark and April who ventures deeper into the jungle until they reach a plateau. Could this be the very same plateau that Tonga Jack mentioned when he was talking about the treasure or the giant gorilla? When Mark and April reach the top of the plateau they find a strange and hauntingly beautiful world that seems unchanged since the time of the dinosaurs… But witch horrors lie in wait deep in that prehistoric green hell?

First of all… This movie is so extremely not impressive that I just have to be impressed! The special effects in this movie will blow your mind, because this little baby has everything; A cheap ass gorilla suit that probably didn’t cost more than a buck or two, the absolute worst wobble-headed-fake-plastic-toy dinosaur in the history of motion pictures! It’s an awesome spectacle of B movie art! The film, directed by David L. Hewitt (Monsters Crash the Pajama Party) is actually not so bad when it comes to the parts with out the “special” effects. It’s actually quite exiting and well made, and the direction is quite good. You almost get the feeling that you are watching a real movie, until (supposedly) Hewitt himself in the hilarious gorilla suit turns up and carefully jumps around a bit, while some witchdoctor is mumbling prayers and begging the great Gorga for mercy. Hewitt himself is perhaps best known for his efforts as a special effects creator for Disney (Surprised? Me neither!). I expected the acting in this one to be very bad and awkward, but it wasn’t that bad, except for the black tribesmen who obviously where some white American guys with bad wigs and a little shoe polish in their face... But this little romp of a B movie is so awkwardly bad it’s charming in a weird kind of way, so if you are a connoisseur of extra strong cheese, or looking for a good laugh with some friends, this baby won’t disappoint you.

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