Apr 15, 2006


Only the blood of drug addicts can satisfy the thirst of the blood freak monster!

Herschell comes driving down the
road on his motorcycle. He gets checked out by a young girl driving a convertible, they stop and immediately hit it off, and together they drive onwards down the road. They end up at the girl’s sister’s house, where her sister Anne and her “far out” friends are doing hard drugs and having a blast. But neither Herschell nor the young girl is into the “drug scene”. We soon find out that the girl, Angel, is a bona fide bible freak, and she is not shy about expressing her love for the J-man. It seems that Herschell is also heavy into the Christian stuff, and it doesn’t take long before he and Angel is discussing everything from adultery to the “love of God”. Angel’s sister is very jealous of Angel and wants Herschell to stay and fun with her and her friends. So when Herschell decides to go with Angel, she gets pissed off. She talks to a friend at the party, and he gives her some very addictive drugs for her to give to Herschell.

Angel brings Herschell home to meet her father who immediately grows fond of the young man. He offers Herschell a job at his poultry farm. He accepts the offer and decides to stay with Angel and her father. While fixing a pool, Herschell gets a visit from Anne who quickly lights up a joint. Anne tells Herschell; “How can a big hunk of man be such a damned coward?” Herschell is quick to reply that he is not a coward and takes a long hard puff of her joint. It doesn’t take long before he’s hooked on the stuff, and starts to hang out with Anne and her Friends.

The next day Herschell is off to the poultry farm to start his new job. His job will be to help out two weird guys in the farm’s lab. They offer him some extra money and some freebee drugs if he helps them out with their experiments. The experiments are a new turkey meat that He is going to eat to see if there are any side effects. Later that night we see that Herschell is starting to have some withdrawal symptoms from the drugs Anne has been giving him. Early next morning He starts his meat testing job and it seems to be quite good. But soon after, the side effects begin show. His body (head) transforms into a horrible freak of nature. A turkey monster (!) who feeds on the warm, fresh blood of drug addicts.

Brad Grinter and Steve Hawkes Blood Freak is one of those insanely weird movies one just has to see. The plot itself is incredibly stupid and it is filled with Christian morale that doesn’t work at all. The movie is probably shot on 16mm and has a weird, gritty homemade feel over it. The acting is well… There is no acting in this film, and at times the “actors” tries so hard I get embarrassed just looking at them. There is also a vague attempt to give the film some depth by hinting that the whole turkey monster incident was just Herschel’s hallucinations. Was it just hallucinations or did it really happen… Or am I giving Grinter & Co too much credit? Oh Well…

All through the movie director Brad Grinter interrupts the film to read up some speeches that he himself most definitely wrote. The speeches are long and incredibly incoherent, and he tries desperately to get his Christian message out through these intermissions. And I’ve never seen a man smoke as hard as old man Grinter does during his on camera time, he basically lights up a new smoke with the previous one. The most priceless scene in the movie is Grinter’s last speech. As he is talking about the dangers of society or something he suddenly starts to cough a bit. He seems ok, so he continues to talk until his smoking and the first little cough develops into a full blown coughing fit! All in front of the camera, who doesn’t shy away from the coughing old director. This is most likely one of the funniest scenes I’ve ever seen that wasn’t intentional. Unfortunately there isn’t as much gore in this film as one might expect, but where it lacks blood and gore it makes up for it by being one of the wackiest, weirdest films ever made! Required viewing for fans of the weird and unusual!

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