Mar 1, 2006


They are the Ghetto Warriors... some call them The Black Gestapo

Welcome to Watts! A neighbourhood where a vicious gang of white mobsters rule the area with an iron fist, and extortion, prostitution and drug dealing has overrun the little community. But on the other side is General Ahmed’s Black People’s Army, a militant group set out to defend the rights of the black people in Watts, as well as financing hospitals and feeding the poor. When one of the black nurses at the People’s Army hospital gets brutally assaulted and raped by one of the henchmen of the white gangsters, an all out race war starts. Colonel Kojah, one of the top men of the Black People’s Army, sets out to recruit new members of a special black unit, a unit with the sole purpose of extracting a harsh vengeance on the white mobsters. And after several violent battles between Kojah’s unit and the white gangsters, Kojah finally wins the war and the mobsters are forced out of Watts. But soon the power gets to Kojah, giving him the idea of starting his own militant group, “The Black Gestapo”. But what happens when the Black Gestapo begins to do the same damage on the community as the white mobsters with violence, extortion, prostitution and drug dealing? It’s up to General Ahmed of The Black People’s Army to take matters into his own hands, creating an all-out gang war between the two militant black groups!

Director Lee Frost’s take on the Blacksploitation genre is an extremely violent, exhilarating and funky one. Frost tries to incorporate some references to Nazi Germany in this film, making it even more hilarious and over the top. The new black militant group gets new uniforms witch are exactly the same as the SS used during WW2. In scenes where “The Black Gestapo” cries out vengeance with raised fists, Frost overdubs the sound with sounds of German soldiers chanting Sieg Heil. It’s all so deliciously political incorrect that it’s brilliant. Lee Frost himself appears as one of the henchmen of the white mobsters and genre favourite Uschi Digard also has a small role where she gets to show of the two things she is most famous for. This movie never seems to stop up to take a breath, all the time creating new conflicts between the characters and keeping the mood funky and entertaining. The fast paced action is well directed and becomes even more bad-ass accompanied by catchy and funky soul music. The film features everything a good exploitation flick should have like inventive violence, nudity and a plotline that’s wonderfully politically incorrect and way out there! Perhaps one of the better exploitation films out there, this baby should be required viewing for exploitation fans everywhere! And remember: You haven’t seen bad-ass before you’ve seen The Black Gestapo! You won’t be disappointed!


Ghetto Warriors

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