Feb 12, 2006


You've never seen more! Let us prove it to you when the monsters meet the girls!

Meet Granny Good, who runs a correction school for girls who needs more discipline. Old granny Good also has her private distillery in her basement where she makes booze with help from her good friend the wolfman, who’s pissed off because he’s underpaid and exploited by old Mrs. Good. The trouble begins at the school when the new girl Prudence arrives at the school. Prudence starts to snoop around, and Granny soon gets somewhat suspicious about her intentions for being on her school. But for a couple of days the days goes on as usual: Reading, and a lot of topless exercise.
One of the following days there’s going to be a big costume
party at the school, so everybody starts to prepare for it. But old granny has enough to think about with her disgruntled werewolf friend and Prudence, who’s still snooping around and acting fishy. When the party finally starts, the fun begins. Even Granny Good’s old friends Dracula and the Frankenstein monster drops by to have a good time with the half naked girls, and to spike up the punch!

This delightful nudie cutie, or Monster Nudie if you will, has Bob Cresse, credited here as “The Loveable” Bob Cresse, starring as Granny Good. Cresse is probably most known for producing numerous sexploitation films in the late 60s, but Cresse does a fairly good job as the loveable little Granny and he’s is genuinely funny throughout the movie. The film was directed by Lee Frost who is also probably better known for his career within the Sexploitation genre, with movies like Mondo Bizarro, Black Gestapo and Zero in and Scream. Many of the films Frost directed were produced by Cresse, and House on Bare Mountain was the first movie they made together, and also the first movie made by Lee Frost. This movie was made in 1962, riding the wave of monster madness in the US, so it’s fun to see how exploitation directors making the most of people’s interest in monster movies like Dracula and Frankenstein. Some of the humor in the film fails miserably as it is somewhat outdated and extremely corny, like this little quote from granny Good herself: “She come from a broken home, it fell from the top of a cliff”. But on the other hand, some of the humor in the film actually works, and the light tone in the film will probably make you smile. The other great thing about this film, or any other Nudie Cutie, is that this kind of movie isn’t made today, and it’s great to see erotic entertainment before it all became more serious “soft core” or even hardcore. Even director Lee Frost went on to making harder sexploitation movies later in his career. So house on Bare Mountain is an entertaining little erotic movie from a bygone era, and it is well worth a look if you are interested in the early days of exploitation. So this is a fun little film that will get you in a good mood, and if you like monsters and nude girls you can’t go wrong with this little cutie!


Night on Bare Mountain

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  1. Great review mate.
    You have to love the "The Loveable” Bob Cresse moniker!

    Cresse and Frost were certainly a nice and trashy double-act.