Jan 28, 2006


No man is safe from the "Preacherwoman" - she's a Man-Hating, Hymn-Humming Hell Cat!

Religious fanatics are creepy, especially Christians who believes so strongly on their god that they are willing to do anything to spread their message, and when it comes to Sister Sarah Jane I do mean anything. The movie Evil Come Evil Go revolves around the life of Sister Sarah Jane who believes that sexual encounters just for pleasure is the biggest sin one can commit, especially if it is a man. She roams around with her accordion and sings religious hymns to spread her message and she picks up unsuspicious men and kills them for her cause. One day Sarah Jane finds a soul mate so to speak, a young lesbian girl called Penny, who also believes strongly that sex for pleasure is the ultimate sin, and penny also believes strongly on just about anything that Sarah Jane tells her to believe. And after a rite to prove that she is worthy to help Sister Sarah to rid the earth of men, the fun can begin. Penny picks up a small guy somewhere and seduces him for a little while until Sarah Jane comes in and stabs the guy to death, when they get home Sarah spots Penny’s tenants in the garden making sweet music just for the hell of it. And after a good long shot of this couple getting it on, Penny (With a tambourine) and Sarah comes out in the garden and begin to sing lovely hymns and talking about the how horrible they are for having sex just for fun.

This little sexploitation film is very fun to watch, and it delivers just what it promises; sex and gore. The gore scenes work well with the rest of the movie, but there is more emphasis on the sex in this film. The sex scenes are a bit harder than soft-core with regular close ups of both male and female genitalia, and the regular sexploitation viewer will find these scenes both arousing and entertaining. The acting here is below average most of the time, although Cleo O’hara is very good in the leading role as Sister Sarah Jane. Director Walt Davis also briefly appears in this film as one of the many victims of Sister Sarah, and the legendary John Holmes also has a brief cameo in the film.

Overall Evil Come Evil Go is a good 70s sexploitation film that has the most important ingredients that the genre requires. Well worth a look if you are into sexploitation films.

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