Jan 22, 2006


Terror stalks the nudists!

The Beast that Killed Women started my decent into the twisted world of Something Weird video and their sick sixties exploitation flicks. Having read little to nothing about this movie, I sat down with an open mind and watched the double feature that would get me hooked on Something Weird video.
The Beast that killed women is a little movie form the late sixties about nudists and their beloved nudist colony. The movie follows a couple that just recently became nudists and their little trip to the Nudist camp, where they bathe, play volleyball and frolic in the sun. But the quiet harmony gets broken that very evening when, suddenly out of nowhere a gorilla gets into the camp and starts attacking the nudists. This is bad news for the owner of the camp, since most of his customers don’t want to hang around where the gorilla is stalking, and after a second attack, the nudist flee from the camp and only the police are left to solve the mystery of the unexplainable gorilla. By interrogating a man who was thrown in a pond by the gorilla, the police are getting some valuable clues. They decide to use a police woman as bait for the hideous monster, to try to capture and kill the gorilla… Will the nudist colony ever be the same?

This is a fun little movie that is very entertaining, but unfortunately (or is it) the movie focuses more on the nude women that’s having fun in the sun than the guy in the terrible gorilla suit. Well…This isn’t a bad ting really, but the disappointing thing is: There are only two kills in this movie! I was hoping for more gorilla fuelled action and a little bit of violence. But no…There are more nude women (Nude in the sense that you only get to see their breasts and butt) in this picture than everything else. But if you are like me, and can’t get enough of those unexplainable gorillas, you should check out this little movie.


The Beast that Molested Women

The Beast that Ruined Women

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  1. Ya,ok. Saw this one at the dollar store and had to have it.(bad movies is my dirty little secrete)Now, on with the show. Plot? none really. Production values? None. Acting? Na! Did it make any bloody sence? Of course not! Will I see it again? Ya, I will. (hangs head in shame.)