Mar 22, 2015

Blood Orgy of the She Devils

1973 USA
Directed by Ted V. Mikels

Mara is the head witch occupying a giant castle, where she gives out lessons and advice through her use of witchcraft and dark powers. The young female students are encouraged to meditate, use tarot cards and use crystal balls and mirrors to peak into the past and future. They take part in strange séances, where Mara channels Indian spirits and other bizarre occult rituals. Unknown to her students, Mara lend her dark powers to evil and uses them to commit murder for those who can pay her high price. As one of her deal goes wrong, Mara takes her revenge using black magic and murders those who double
crossed her. Two of her new students, Mark and Lorraine, starts to dig around these mysterious deaths. And with the help of the famous Dr. Helsford, expert on the occult, they plan to get to the bottom of the sinister mystery.

Blood Orgy of the She Devils is directed by exploitation legend Ted V. Mikels, the brain behind such grindhouse classics as; Astro Zombies, The Doll Squad and The Corpse Grinders. Mikels is best know for his extremely low budget features and catchy titles that don't quite live up to what they promised the audience.

Beside some cheesy witchcraft related deaths and some flashbacks to the witchtrials in England, all of it shows little to no blood or gore, the titular Blood Orgy remains wholly absent from the film. It seems to have been made with the «I have access to a castle, let's make a movie» attitude. Long  stretches of the movie is very slow, and has long scenes of Dr. Helsford explaining the pseudo-science behind witchcraft and the occult. Followed by long stretches of Mara doing strange rituals or channeling an old Indian spirit. It is as if Mikels found the concept of Witchcraft so intriguing that he forgot to add plot to large parts of the movie and just shot scenes of actors being occult. And dancing, a lot of terrible dancing. Most of the acting is average to poor, with Lila Zaborin as Mara being the obvious highlight as she has an intense presence in the film and overacts to the very best of her ability. The Special electronic soundtrack by Carl Zittrer is maddening, from strange tribal loops to absurd drum tracks, its awesome, completely forgettable and very annoying at the same time.

Blood Orgy of the She Devils is a bizarre little film. A part of me was bored out of my mind as I was watching it, and another part of me was oddly fascinated by the strange goings on throughout the film. It brings about the feeling of watching a bad film on TV, not because you want to but because you can't be bothered to change the channel. The film manages little to nothing it sets out to do and ends up being a quirky distraction until you find something better to watch.